Plywood with film for painting


Plywood with film for painting is a wood-based board composed of glued with phenol-formaldehyde resin, or other of similar properties, plies of wood (outer and middle veneers), whereat the directions of fibre of adjacent plies are staggered by 90°. Face veneers (outer veneers) are made of birch, alder, or beech. The plywood surface is covered with special film for painting, which grounds the surface lowering the amount of used paint and prevents its cracking.

Basic data: 

Standard sizes:
2500x1250 mm,
2440x1220 mm,
2130x1250 mm,
2130x1220 mm

Thickness range:
4-40 mm
other on request

Colour patterns:
available at the Marketing Department

680-800 kg/m3

Additional information: 
Type of foil Colour of foil Weight
elastofol N White Ca. 280 g/m2
melamine film Gray Ca. 220 g/m2
melamine film Blue Ca. 220 g/m2
melamine film Yellow Ca. 220 g/m2
melamine film Red Ca. 220 g/m2
melamine film Green Ca. 220 g/m2
melamine film Black Ca. 220 g/m2
  • cutting to smaller sizes
  • straight and profiled finishing of the edges, drilling, milling of grooves, slots, rabbets - in CNC centres

Production of door, home and garden furniture, sign-board and outdoor ads, boards, road signs, for walls and ceilings inside buildings, production of toys and packaging.