Beech plywood


A wood-based board composed of glued plies of wood (outer and middle veneers), whereat the directions of fibre of adjacent plies a re staggered by 90°. Face veneers (outer
veneers) are made of beech, while the middle veneer s can be of:

-Beech – homogenous beech plywood 100%
-Birch, alder, beech – beech deciduous plywood
-Birch, alder, beech, pine – combined beech plywood

Basic data: 

Standard sizes:
2500×1250 mm
2440×1220 mm
2130×1220 mm

other on request

Quality classes:
(acc. to EN 635 – 2) I, II, III, IV.

4 - 35 mm

do 780 kg/m3

Additional information: 
Cutting to smaller sizes , straight and profiled finishing of the edges, drilling, milling of grooves, slots, rabbets - in CNC centres,
Beech plywood combines high technical and decorative values. It is used for example in furniture manufacture, where it gained great popularity. For similar reasons it is widely used for interiors, boatbuilding, in different types of woodworking and decorative packaging as well.