Coniferous plywood impregnated by wood preservative agent


It is a pine or combined pine plywood impregnated by dipping by wood preservatives agent. This product protects the plywood surface against wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi and satisfies the performance requirements of EN 599-1. Treated parts must always be protected with a topcoat treatment before they are exposed to the influence of the weather. Upon customer request impregnated surface can be additionally colored.

Basic data: 

Quality classes:
(acc. to EN 635 – 3) I, II, III, IV.

Thickness and tolerance range:
(acc. to EN 315) 4 - 35 mm.

Standard sizes:
2500×1250 mm
2440×1220 mm
2130×1220 mm

or acc. to arrangements with the customer.

Additional information: 

Cutting to smaller sizes , straight and profiled finishing of the edges, drilling, milling of grooves, slots, rabbets - in CNC centres.


Furniture, packaging, construction, boat building, woodworking, etc.