Deciduous plywood


A wood-based board composed of glued plies of wood (outer and middle veneers), whereat the directions of fibre of adjacent plies are staggered by 90°. Face veneers (outer veneers) are made of birch or alder, while the middle veneers can be of:
• Birch – birch plywood 100%
• Birch, alder, beech – deciduous plywood
• Birch, alder, beech, pine – combi deciduous plywood

Basic data: 

Standard sizes:
2500x1250 mm,
2440x1220 mm,
2130x1220 mm

other on request

Thickness range:
4-35 mm

Quality classes:
I, II, III, IV acc. to EN 635 -2

680-740 kg/m3

Additional information: 
  • cutting to smaller sizes
  • straight and profiled finishing of the edges, drilling, milling of grooves, slots, rabbets - in CNC centres

furniture, packaging, construction, boat building, woodworking, etc.