Insulating plywood


Insulating board of the type sandwich is composed of two sheets of deciduous (birch, beech or alder wood) or coniferous, water-resistant (phenol-formaldehyde resin) plywood, between which there is inserted sound and vibration damping material (polyurethane or polystyrene foam panel) called core. Between core and plywood additionally could be aluminium foil of 0,05 mm thick or aluminium sheet of 0,3 thick. In the variant with improved surface, plywood could be overlaid with natural face veneers, phenol film, melamine film or film for painting.

Basic data: 

Standard sizes:
2500×1250 mm
2440×1220 mm
2130×1250 mm
2130×1220 mm

or according to arrangements with the customer.

Additional information: 

Cutting to smaller sizes , straight finishing of the edges, drilling.


Plate of noise and vibration damping properties, specially for door panels in the building carpentry, facings of walls and ceilings, fronts and partition walls for the manufacture of furniture etc.